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  2. I've noticed some of them do. I thought they were supposed to be transparent. May have misread though, because they could also have been sent in a .jpeg I believe?
  3. Just got a sleepy panda...but it has a strange white background for some reason? Is it supposed to?
  4. LOL, MOST references are lost on me. Like a movie that is supposed to have some significance? I just like it cause it's sci-fi, horror or something of the sort.
  5. Yeah I agree haha. No doubt people have made amazing eggs x) Also I just found a black egg with a glowing pattern that cycles through colors, I wonder if this is a reference I don't get lol.
  6. Black x Yulebuck checker, correctly influenced Claim my eggs/hatchlings!
  7. @Eggy0 so far they ALL look awesome! ❤️ Now I see why mine wasn't picked. LOL
  8. I had just found an egg with sakura branches on it. I like Another thing is that people have mentioned a few different eggs they found and one of these happens to be one I made, do I reveal which one it is or do I wait? Decisions, decisions, decisions...
  9. I SUPPORT Oh my goodness this would be perfect especially when your trying to unlock a dragon in the encyclopedia I'd rather search for that breed then to blindly look through countless pages only to find out that user didn't have what I was looking for in the first place.
  10. @Isabella Fae Graycin I think that one is a reference to hollow knight, a platforming game.
  11. yay! One of my fav events!! Love those eggs!!!!!! Happy Easter DC!!
  12. Just begun the egg hunt, good morning and happy Easter! I am only 1 egg in and I am already excited x)
  13. Just look for eggs (round) that pop up randomly on yr scroll. When you click on them, they go into yr Easter basket, which is one of the badges that show at the top of yr scroll page that has eggs/hatchies/dragons. Similar to the Halloween egg collecting. These eggs are for looks and do not hatch.
  14. Ummm.....not sure what to think, but I found a group of like 3 or 4 eggs together, front one ad a crack in it, and I've found like a total of 9 of the same ones? it just did it again with the 3 eggs with the leaf over them? I got 6 in a row. LOL I know you can only pick up one, but wondering what's going on with my computer! 😮
  15. If you have lots of groups: try lowering "Number of dragons per-page" in your account settings. I had to set it to 200 to make the "Ungrouped" filter work again. (The error message doesn't really look like that's the reason in your case, but you never know...)
  16. Have: CB Gold-horned Tangar egg with perfect palindrome code (ilXli) (CAPS altered). Precog. Male. Want: 2G SA or 2G Tinsel/Shimmer would be perfect, but I'm open for another interesting offers too. Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!
  17. Probably a bit too early but does anybody know how many we are hunting this year?
  18. OMG I caught Smurfette, too!! I demand to know who is responsible for this! Was legit dressed up as her as a 3/4 year old for Halloween, not kidding, I have pictures!!!
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  20. O got an ocean-y egg with an octopus on it!
  21. LOL! For a few seconds, I thought that was a bald eagle egg. Nope, it's Smurfette.
  22. Yes I have, and I've tried resetting too. I'll try opening the page again maybe that will fix it. But I've tired 5 or 6 times and nothing. Edit: I shut the page down and reopened it. The moment I tried to sort by ungrouped firefox shot back this error at me:
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