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  2. Have: Cheese Want: 2G Gold x Permanently Pacified Aegis (unrelated to all these) Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!
  3. Have: Cheese Want: 2G Gold x Permanently Pacified Aegis (unrelated to all these) Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!
  4. Have: Cheese Want: 2G Gold x Permanently Pacified Aegis (unrelated to all these) Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!
  5. I see. If that's the case, then the argument about inappropriate content and DC being completely taken down as a result is... Kind of moot.
  6. Hello and welcome A good place to start might be here!
  7. Hello everyone I'm Spiritsintertwined, but my nickname is Manah! ☺️ I think dragons are awesome so I joined this place. My other interests are Final Fantasy, Yugioh and roleplaying on discord and Tumblr. Two of my dragons got sick, so I got startled and fogged them all haha ☹️ I'm not sure how things work so any help is appreciated!
  8. https://dragcave.net/view/BBZEE "BBZEE had her heart set on living somewhere other than in Lagie's caves. One of the magis was poised and ready to deliver her egg to the famous Z, but BBZEE's egg hatched, and another magi took up the role, ready to transport the young hatchling to Z's caves. Sadly, hatchlings grow up before one knows it and BBZEE was unable to be transported. She hopes one day to visit Z's caves, and in the meantime joins Coffee, Z Mod, and JAvA over endless cups of their favourite beverage, discussing what they think those caves might look like." Accept: Accept: Those caves are probably more organised than mine. I can't find my own dragons half the time! - KoD Accept: Accept: Accept:
  9. There is a check-box in your account settings to allow you to see pending descriptions -- on your own scroll and others'.
  10. Right, and I'm agreeing that expecting you and less than a handful of other people to sift through 2000+ descriptions isn't working for anybody involved. Some form of automation would help immensely with this, as proposed. Even the moderators agree that the current system places undue strain on them. I have no idea what you mean when you say people can view pending descriptions, unless I click on the "Describe" function on one of my waiting dragons, even I do not see my pending descriptions on my own dragons. "It's been worse!" is not a valid coutnerargument to "Let's make something better!" That will never negate there being room for improvement.
  11. You're catching that from Lagie? forty-one forty-two Ninjaed again!
  12. I've had some waiting ages too, with plenty of approvals. So ? I don't feel I have a "reasonable claim to say something is wrong". The waits now are far FAR shorter than they used to be. I can remember when it took up to two YEARS to get approved. I shall carry on writing them and they will get done in the end. People can view pending descriptions, after all.
  13. I chose a voucher this time because I bred late for last week's mass breed and have none available to breed right now. (Also I am scroll-locked! )
  14. As someone who has been waiting since November with some descriptions having over 14 approval votes, I think I have a reasonable claim to say something is wrong with the system. Again, I am not witch-hunting the mods. I merely recognize that having a very small handful of people who are responsible for hundreds--potentially thousands of descriptions at a time is not a reasonable practice for anybody involved. Pretty much every other petsite I have played on allows for custom descriptions including Flight Rising, FelisFire, and just about any other petsite I've come across. None of those have ever been taken down in years of operating for a user description, so I think that is a very hasty jump to the worst possible scenario, and a hyperbole.
  15. This isn't really true at all? User reviews help immensely, I see any user comments that are made and definitely use the feedback, and I can view descriptions based on how high they were user voted. It is an immense help when I have so many to sort through. (I'm pretty sure this was said somewhere before? Maybe?) As for solutions, honestly the main problem right now is... so few mods are working on descriptions. (edit: not that I'm blaming anybody I realize that might come off that way - I'm barely doing any because it really just is so time consuming) I would say just me but I know at least one other mod took a large chunk a while back, but it's been a while. It's very time consuming is the main problem, and I just don't have the mental capital to read and critique 200 descriptions a night. Lately I've been knocking off the obviously spammy ones (there are a LOT... that are just. straight up spam, so I'm very much against users being able to freely post descriptions with no moderation) but I don't have the time to knock out a lot a lot. It IS a problem - it's very overwhelming to have almost two thousand descriptions waiting on me. My chosen solution would be description moderators - like RP mods, whose sole duty is to do descriptions
  16. But "patience" does kill the urge to describe your dragons. I would have far more described than I do because it's just very disheartening to supposedly have this function on the site that takes literal months to get approved. It's not a case of waiting a few hours or a day or two, or even a week. Frequently it's a case of waiting MONTHS. I know people who described dragons back in NOVEMBER that are still waiting for approval. Also, TJ is actually protected by law when someone posts something offensive, as he long has a process that allows it to be taken down, which he does. Plus a robust automatic filtering system would reduce the amount of abusive stuff getting through in the first place.
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