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  2. HeatherMarie

    TheEvina's DragHatch

    I wasn't sure, so I deleted all the cookies attached to this browser, and when I went back to draghatch it did send me to the log-in page.... However, once I've logged in it doesn't ask again, even when using it 24 hours later. Is the log-in prompt attached to a cookie? Am I going to have to delete cookies every single day to make sure it will always ask for log-in? That doesn't seem right, and I'm positive that's not how it used to work.
  3. Zylara

    Cave Born Trading

    Have: CB Red Dorsal that precogs Female Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings! Want: Any CaveBorns of the following, Eggs and/or Hatchies are fine. CB Hatchies only on Gemshards Trying to finish scroll goals on CBs, not looking for PBs, so please Caveborns only.
  4. Dirtytabs

    the screenshot thread.

    Hyenas and slugs are coming to mind, too...
  5. Dirtytabs

    SH's secretly hidden bingo

    F12 bingo https://dragcave.net/view/n/Guest Star
  6. prpldrgnfr

    Stupid things you've done on dc

    Putting some 2G PBs in Departures. All adopted, all bitten. That was not my intent in going through the trouble of putting them there.
  7. SturmFee

    How was your last dentist visit?

    During my last visit, I had a dentist student removing my wisdom teeth. She apparently needed the practise for her degree and I was cool with it. Everythign was fine - and 3 years ago. I should really go for a checkup sometime. xD
  8. purplehaze

    Do *You* have a Thuwed? V2

    @panthera1 I claimed your beautiful egg. it will be loved and properly named. Thank you!
  9. Fuzzbucket


    You mean there's a POINT to reddit ? Who knew....
  10. panthera1

    Even Generations Trading and Gifting Centre

    GIFT! 3rd EG Gold Thuwed from Thuwed and Spriter's Alt base. Let me know if you catch, name, and give a good home. Thanks! Claim my 3rd EG Gold Thuwed egg!
  11. purplehaze

    Count to 1,000,000!

  12. Fuzzbucket

    Change One Letter

  13. panthera1

    Do *You* have a Thuwed? V2

    3rd EG Gold Thuwed from Thuwed and Spriter's Alt base. Let me know if you catch, name, and give a good home. Thanks! Claim my 3rd EG Gold Thuwed egg! Gone! Grats, @purplehaze - thanks for letting me know and giving it a great home! ^^
  14. Today
  15. dragonpuck

    Z Project

    offered on the first
  16. Naraku

    What not to say to a Newbie

    Forever. So think twice before killing or letting them die. What does sickness do to creatures?
  17. AngelsSin

    Metallic Trade Center (No prize "haves" allowed)

    Have: 2nd gen Gold from male Holly 2nd gen metal (will keep if i don’t get what i’m looking for) 3rd EG Silver from female Bolt perfect checker hatchie plus unrelated mate infl. Properly 3rd EG Gold from female Caligene perfect checker Want: (pm me to combine or breed more metals) Color Priority: High Medium Low ***CB Gold = (AUTO) (Can combine for this) Neglected mates for Blue line in sig ***2nd gen Shimmer (can combine) 2nd gen Gold/BMoon(F)/Blacktip(F)/***Waverunner(M)/Spirit(F)/Cassare(M)/Red Gem(M)/Soulstone/Monarch 2nd gen Silver/***Fire Gem/***Floret/***Yellow Zyu(F)/***Monarch(M)/Kingcrowne/Greenwing other 2nd gen Silver or Gold not from overly common pairings. no Holidays other than what's listed! mates i need = Auto 3rd EG Aeon from male Gold checker ***3rd EG Kingcrowne from male Silver Shimmer checker for Him *****2nd or 3rd EG Gold from female Holly checker unrelated to Him or Her <—Highest Priority CB Hatchies: CB Floret CB Yellow Zyu(F) CB Spirit(F) Offers! - NOT looking for Coppers, Trios, unbreedables, or any common x common, anything non EG, Tinsels, Spirals or Stairsteps.
  18. Naraku

    The Person Below Me: true or false

    True. Still having trouble falling asleep earlier. Oh well. TPBM owned (or still owns) a Nokia device of some kind.
  19. Naraku

    Change One Letter

  20. snakehands

    A dragon trading thread V2! ~trading~

  21. *Silver Fox*

    Pokemon Go

    I want those two 7km eggs to hatch already, hopefully at least one will tomorrow because I really want to see what's inside, plus I want to open some more presents, I believe I got around five more! Thank you everyone! ❤️
  22. Fuzzbucket

    Change One Letter

  23. Terrafreaky

    Z Project

    I just bred two 2G eggs I needed and not only did I get the breed I needed on the first try, both eggs ended up being Z-codes. If anyone needs either of these lineages, just shoot me a trade link with a bloodswap & I'd be happy to switch them out with you. I'm fine w/keeping them, just figured I'd offer since it caught my eye. https://dragcave.net/lineage/zo5G1 https://dragcave.net/lineage/ZV8R3
  24. Stellalunastorm

    Change One Letter

  25. Gluria

    A dragon trading thread V2! ~trading~

    H A V E 2nd gen Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings! N E E D CB female 2nd gen / 
  26. Stellalunastorm

    > How high can you count before a mod posts?

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