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  2. Thoughts on Sickness

    I currently have 8 very sick hatchlings due to someone being "helpful" and ER-ing my eggs that were in no danger of death. No idea what hatcheries they were even placed in, and their survival is uncertain. I myself did not add them anywhere. I honestly feel there needs to be a way to have more security for your dragons. Fogging is a great countermeasure, but the EATW attack revealed it wasn't enough when an egg/hatchling can die in minutes. The average user is not going to be able to respond to that if someone decides to be that malicious. The sickness mechanic has its purpose - it prevents the site from being "fire and forget". However, it can also penalize someone who has done nothing wrong and that is a very big issue. If sickness is to remain, I think it should have to be extreme to kill the dragon. Maybe other consequences could come first, such as adding time to its hatching or maturing since it is going to need extra care. Quite frankly, I think there needs to be more onsite security if dragon growth continues to rely on views/UVs from others. It either needs to be behind the scenes (apparently some stuff already exists) or needs to be based on user action. One idea I have is to rework the /view system. Scramble dragon codes in some way unless you are viewing your own scroll page while logged in! Cave codes would not be revealed until you pick up the egg, and abandoned eggs would have their codes reassigned upon pickup by another user (Yes this would stink for code hunters). Lineage views would be scrambled as not to reveal an immature dragon's code. As a result, only you would be able to post your eggs anywhere by using their direct code links. If it were possible, I would also like to see an IP check on adding to fansites. A fansite can only call up your scroll if you are logged into it from the same IP you are using to access the fansite. Otherwise, you should have to enter your scroll password.
  3. Ruby Eyes's Untitled (for now) Bingo

    F9. Bingo!
  4. Rare Trading Bazaar - NO metal/prize "haves"

    Have Avatar of creation (Guardian x valentines 2018) want (any of these) CB Offer on my egg here
  5. Ahahahahahaha this is only mildly related but I feel good about my new signature. It's clever and I feel clever
  6. Cave Born Trading

  7. Cave Born Trading

    I can breed you one if you like
  8. The Bloodline of Torch

    Earlier on Taellonn had taken it upon himself to lead the others inside the base after Drake had rushed off, and offered as much explanation as he could to the first significant ear: they'd come with Drake, these people needed protection from the Nebs, and from what he'd seen they'd done nothing wrong. The little group had been ushered away by some well-armored and visibly armed man (him being selected to escort them almost seemed random, but he didn't appear to question his purpose for a second) from the majority of Draikenflaemes and dragons scattered about and crowding the building, and navigating the area in this way began to indicate that this part of the base was no more than a repurposed dragon stable building. The majority of actual stable-space seemed to be outside, but four enclosures lining the main walkway to that area were located inside: one was empty and open to the rest of the room, another open one had two dragons and presumably their respective riders in it, and two seemed to have been walled off, with new doors put in that hid each area's content. One of the walled off rooms looked like it could have had light coming from the inside, but there wasn't much time spared to investigate. The man instructed them to go in the empty stable (he insisted he wasn't going to lock them in or anything, it was just what the space they had at hand) and told them that it was in their best interest to either stay here with their dragons for the time being or split from the dragons to hide out elsewhere- provided they could prove there'd be no issues with them staying here. If Drake put in a good word (at that point she'd still been preoccupied) that'd certainly help their case, but bases still had to be covered: who are you, how do you know Drake, do you have any idea what this place is, tell me about your dragon- general questions that seemed to drag on and never elicited much of any response from the man besides occasional listening nods and a continual glare from teal-gray eyes. The male Khusa had found a new route and reunited with the female Khusa along the way, and the now trio had reached the base at last, coming from the back. Both humans and dragons alike could smell the general dustiness of worn armor and dragons that the building radiated (it was similar to a normal dragon stable, really, just with some more dust and metal), and being outside was no different from inside in that respect. This side of the base wasn't easily identifiable, but it was certainly no stable. The entrance was large and didn't seem to be made with dragons in mind, but it was big enough where the three could squeeze through. The female Khusa spoke. "Finally. I'll go inform someone we're back with another dragon so you'll have less explaining to do. Probably gonna be hell walking through there with some random stranger, right?" The male Khusa lightly nodded. "Yeah. Questions, questions, questions that I don't have time for. I'll try to stick close." The female Khusa quickly laughed out a "good luck" before pulling on a loose brick on the doorframe with her mouth. Something on the other side made a heavy "clunk" against the floor, and the Khusa ducked and tucked her wings close as she pushed open the entrance. The male Khusa started walking to the entrance and looked to the Zyumorph. "It's pretty busy in there, but I know who to go to. Like I said, lots of people are going to be curious, but it's fine to ignore them- easier, too." With that the Khusa started making his way in, keeping his counterpart in sight ahead. The female Khusa had only been inside for a short time, but it didn't take long to overhear word of some other visitors taking shelter that were still being questioned. Hopefully another stranger wouldn't be too much for them; after all, this one had purpose.
  9. This or the other.....

    Ramen. Meeting the author or meeting the actor?
  10. Thoughts on Sickness

    Agreed. Besides...I don't really want the nuisance of having to put in passwords EVERY time I want to put stuff in a hatchery. I think options for combatting the problem onsite would be better.
  11. Special Release Offspring Gifting Group 2.0

    I donated! spring_dragon -> Sansa | 3rd gen red nebula from radiant angel | https://dragcave.net/lineage/I5MPE | sent spring_dragon -> Sansa | 3rd gen fever from radiant angel | https://dragcave.net/lineage/eG1rO | sent
  12. Typing with your eyes shut

    Love is time and space measured by the heart. Even if the morrow is barren of promises, nothing shall forestall my return.
  13. Tiny Little Questions

    I guess I'll attempt to file that away in my brain next to "how does my tortoise hide his head", cuz yeah… I should've thought of that. This isn't really a tiny question, but I feel stupid starting a thread for it, is there anyway to access posts from before the forum conversion? I'm trying to track down some olddddd lineage stuff and it's not on the (not actually) new forum, and the way back machine doesn't seem to have it either. I'm up a creek huh? (The Wonderland Lineage, early 2010 I think?)
  14. MagiStream V3

  15. Cave Born Trading

    Edited bump ^^;
  16. Hatchie didn't gender right? Trade them here

    Have:CB Female Tan Ridgewing Want:CB Male Tan Ridgewing Trade Here: https://dragcave.net/teleport/114840080905343d68788ed6534fdf52
  17. Today
  18. Thoughts on Sickness

    While the points you make are valid, not posting your scroll link and not putting eggs in hatcheries right away and etc, none of that does anything to stop actual viewbombers. A player can post screenshots for trades, not have their scroll linked anywhere, never put any dragon anywhere until it's under 4 days, and none of that matters at all if someone decides to target them. The EATW attack, for example, eggs were dying literally within *minutes*, ER-timed eggs, eggs that really should never be vulnerable to sickness under regular conditions, and the users themselves took every precaution they could and it still happened. We can do everything in our power to keep our eggs safe, but when random people can attack and kill a dragon in less then 5 minutes it really doesn't matter what we do. That is why we need *something* done, something changed. I am very much against doing away with sickness altogether, but I do think something needs to be done so that users actually have some sort of control over their dragons. Ward is supposed to help, but 6 hours is just too short to do much good. Fogging is supposed to help, but when eggs can get too sick to recover in less then 5 minutes fogging after the fact doesn't do any good. We need *some* way to combat this.
  19. Typing with your eyes shut

    The risk I took esd cslvilsted, but man, am I basf sy msyh. (I had too much caffeine today.) Love is time and space measured by the heart.
  20. I'm being viewbombed

    I can guarantee the viewbombing targets are not coming from Discord alone. I've never been on Discord and I was viewbombed during the Christmas release. This isn't to discount that people are being targeted from Discord, just reinforcing that Discord alone isn't the source of the problem. Also, please remember this thread is about discussing viewbombing, not whether or not Discord is a good chat resource for DC. I'm all for seeing that discussed in a separate thread, but this not the place for it.
  21. DC Community Notice Board

    Thin-Blooded Vampire: https://dragcave.net/teleport/8f862cdf6436c602e4b08d554ac59294
  22. Thoughts on Sickness

    It's not people having trouble with sickness because they're newbies who don't know what they are doing, it's because people are being specifically targeted so their eggs get thousands of views within seconds and die. That's viewbombing. The user has literally no input in this unless they Ward (which is extremely limited), fog (which eliminates and trading or showing off a nice egg) or hide their scroll entirely. And honestly... if we're supposed to keep our scrolls hidden all the time, I don't really see the point of DC at all. I see no reason to make nice lineages and eggs worth trading if I'm the only who's gonna see them and know I did it. I don't play games like this to keep things to myself. Personally I'm not in favor of eliminating sickness, but the users absolutely need proactive ways to protect themselves against viewbombing. TJ has mentioned that viewbombing is easy to detect and ban, and just needs to be automated, but people are still going to lose eggs unless we have a way to combat viewbombing ourselves.
  23. I'm being viewbombed

    I do believe they aren't doing anything against tumblr ToS, considering how loose it is.
  24. I'm ready to begin my fairy tale! Please add me to the Waiting List from an Original Couple Forum Name: Ninjakittee Link to Scroll: https://dragcave.net/user/Ninjakittee Preferred Breeding Pair: T r u e L o v e + N e v e r F a i l s
  25. Typing with your eyes shut

    Package arrived at Alpga hub - Package arrived at Gamme hun - Package arrived at Epsilon gub - Package arrived at E-23 sub - Packae lost. The risk I took was calculated, but man, am I bad at math.
  26. Even Generations Trading and Gifting Centre

    Free magma checker
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