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  2. Take 'em if you want 'em - 4 hatchlings (variety) from random AP eggs (no theme) Take 'em if you want 'em - 4 hatchlings (variety) from random AP eggs (blue theme)
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  4. Nectaris

    Pokemon Go

    Barely into the event and I got a shiny horsea! I left it as a seadra as I don't care for kingdra(but I like seadra) and the IVs are poor. Also, I FINALLY got a yellow burmy. All of them but the pink are exceedingly rare here.
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  6. That lil egg (m guardian x f thunder) is looking for a new home! Just offer a dummy and please name creature later 😊 Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!
  7. I Want to Sign Up! Forum Name: purplehaze Scroll Name: purplehaze Group Name: purplehaze's Secret Santa 2019 Wishlist: 1. CB Gold, Neglected (male or ungendered preferred), 2G Prizekin – Ice from (f) Bronze Shimmer, mate for her or Rainbow Copper from (f) Bronze Shimmer, mate for her 2. 3G from Spriter's alt, especially Christmas 3. CB Z-code (Aeon, Rift Wyrm, any Zyu, any Xeno, Vremya Drake, or Coral Pygmy) or surprise me. 4. 2G Carina or Carina-fail tan Ridgewing, from female tan Ridgewing and male purple Nebula, or surprise me. 5. 2G White from Holly, 2G Winter from Holly, 2G Neotropical from Wrapping Wing 6. Two-breed spiral with any Prize -- the longer the better, any 3G or 4G checker with two-headed dragons, or any other pretty checker (not with Olive, Imperial Fleshcrowne, or Canopy) 7. CB Split Breeding abilities: I have several 2G Prizes that can breed even gens and several others that only breed stairs, I have a few 2nd gen SAltkins and some 3rd and 4th. I have several 2nd gen Thuweds. I have CBs of every dragon except Prizes. I can breed lots of checker lineages. Catching abilities: Usually have trouble catching anything rare or uncommon. Mostly just don't have the patience for cave-hunting. Trading abilities: Trading is a crap-shoot, but I can usually trade for most things except CB metals, 2G Prizes, and neglecteds. Teleport abilities: I have plenty of Magis!
  8. Thank you mystery person who bred this baby! Just look at it! So much SAlt! 😍
  9. Updated to here! The following were approved and added: jewel21 Nullcasting Velvet_paw Xasora HeatherMarie - update of list twol8sue Santa purplehaze
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