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  2. Marrionetta

    2019-02-14 Happy Valentine's Day!

    Ah, I missed that discussion. Maybe move concept ideas unrelated to the event to S/R? Not just @ you, @ everyone.
  3. Dragon_Arbock

    2019-02-14 Happy Valentine's Day!

    Um.. I wasn't talking about Ion.. I was referring to people talking about creating new dragon breeds based on pride flags. I know what an ungendered ND is.
  4. Marrionetta

    2019-02-14 Happy Valentine's Day!

    We're not. You can pick to romance whichever character you feel is appropriate relative to your personal views. The ungendered ND is a breed with a mechanic that's a relic of how the site used to handle neglected dragons. We added in male and female NDs per user feedback. No agendas here except an even number of available character genders so players have options.
  5. tjekan

    Holiday Trading Thread

    I HAVE: 2nd-gen floral from upside-down mint, with nicely named parents. https://dragcave.net/teleport/680e557a41224e52886001da27762eaa 2nd-gen floral from green firegem, with unnamed parents. https://dragcave.net/teleport/4ff8fd5ccaed8ecd242a1f49d666aa00 I WANT: A 2nd-gen Valentine with nicely named parents from the following list: *VAL 09: from floral *SOULSTONE: from lumina *FLORAL: from pink, almandine, green copper, silver lunar, ribbondancer, rosebud, specklethroat, crimson, lumina, dark lumina, celestial, diamond, BBW, or black.  If you have one of these pairings but don't want these hatchies, PM me and we can work something out! Edited 2 hours ago by tjekan
  6. Husky51

    What do you write with?

    My right hand... but other than that, I use a Gel pen, a mechanical pencil or my laptop...cccCC
  7. Dragon_Arbock

    2019-02-14 Happy Valentine's Day!

    You know, I support people, but I don't think a dragon adopts site should be pushing a gender/sex agenda.
  8. Husky51

    Stupid things you've done/said

    When in Vietnam, my ship was anchored in the Co Chien River in the Delta and while walking around the deck at night on 'Swimmer Watch', I had a rifle and a grenade. When I decided to throw the grenade (it was the first one that I'd ever thrown), I didn't THROW it, just kinda tossed ot away... It went off close to my ship, just out from an 'Outboard discharge opening' in the hull of the ship. The .concussion cracked a water line and the ship started taking on water. I mean, what does a sailor know about throwing hand grenades unless you are a 'Navy Seal'??? The line was repaired and I continued my patrols, but I then THREW the grenades as far as I could... lol I like to tell the story of "How I almost sank my ship with a hand grenade", even if it IS a TRUE story!
  9. atheistcanuck

    2019-02-14 Happy Valentine's Day!

    A pride month release with a bunch of different pride flag dragons would be cool.
  10. Shibunari

    2019-02-14 Happy Valentine's Day!

    I really doubt that you are fugly, but at least, you don't have to listen to the "what a waste" trash talk, always look at the positive side! I'm kind against any specific spectrum, I think the Asexual Flag cover us all, no need to be specific! Yes to the Friendship~Platonic love! It is so nice to see more Aces here! A Black/Gray/White/Purple dragon! that would be awesome! let's try to push it! we need a dark V-day dragon!
  11. Tears in Rain

    Holiday Trading Thread

    Have: Gen 4 checker Heartstealing from Silver Tinsel, teleport Want: Gen 2 Floral-Crowned from Black Marrow Gen 3 checker Heartseeker from Bronze TInsel Gen 3 checker Valentine '09 from Silver Tinsel Gen 3 checker Radiant Angel from Bronze Shimmer Gen 2 Alt Sweetling from Valentine '09, or Arsani Paper hatchling, or incuhatchable egg Please offer at the teleport, or PM me; thanks!
  12. purplehaze

    > How high can you count before a mod posts?

  13. Husky51

    Your biggest fear?

    That I'll never be able to hold my daughter and her children ever again before I die. They are in a country on the other side of the world and I don't think that I will ever be able to afford the trip nor they be able to come here... sigh... Another part of the problem is my health... sitting for 10 hrs on one plane then 5 hours on another, not good for a man in my .condition...
  14. Husky51

    The "How was your Day" thread

    Quiet, so far, but expecting to do some other thingstoday, other than just playing around on my laptop...
  15. Carmelita Fox

    DC Community Notice Board

    Snagged the little bugger. Thanks 😊
  16. rayemoon

    2019-02-14 Happy Valentine's Day!

    I'm not a fan of the wing spots because I never like mottled anything, but I love the pose and the colors and the delicateness of the dragon. I wish often that Dragcave and other sprite-adoptables like MS had larger sprites so we could see the fantastic details of these even more clearly. A wonderful DC addition.
  17. Mystic_Halo

    DC Community Notice Board

    GONE 2g Prizekin color fail Claim my eggs/hatchlings! It's Red gemshard from a Green Gemshard parent Thanks for giving it a good home, Carmelita Fox!
  18. Husky51

    What should you be doing right now?

    Getting cleaned up to go visit an old friend who is in the hospital...
  19. Husky51

    Is it snowing yet?

    We had some low lying 'snow clouds' yesterday afternoon, but it didn't snow, darn it. They look like fog, but there is a difference that I cannot explain, but if you've experienced them, you'd know...
  20. InfiniteGalaxiezz05

    2019-02-14 Happy Valentine's Day!

    That would be cool! Also, what if it were all the LGBT flags as different variants of it? (ok now it sounds more of a pride month release then)
  21. Husky51

    Rats, Ferrets, Snakes, other exotic animals.

    At one point in my life I was delivering bundles of Wall Street Journal papers to distribution points throughout the LA area. I had told some of the people about my snake, 'Sir Giles', a 3-1/2 foot Gopher snake that I caught in my driveway in Riverside county. One night, I put him in a small cage and brought him along in the truck with me. Most people were kinda freaked out about him, but I showed them how easy he was to handle. I NEVER forced anyone to touch him, but I did encourage them to do so to see that he wasn't slimy, etc... If they refused,no problem. After I got him used to me, he never bit me, did a few times at first, but when he realized I wasn't going to hurt him, he became calmer. I've been bitten a number of times in my life (none poisonous, thankfully) but never developed any infections, etc. I just washed the bite area when I got home and that was it. I did catch a few Rattlesnakes and ate them, but after 2 or 3 I just let them be or moved them to less populated areas. One 40"+ female Red Diamondback I have photos of her head within 6 inches of my tennis shoe clad foot, before I moved her away. I took the photos myself while looking straight down at her moving towards me... Please note!!! I knew what I was doing and did not feel to be in any danger! I do not recommend for anyone to do this themselves!!! If bitten, you may not die, but you will definitely feel like you want to! (this last from people who HAVE been bitten). Above all, if bitten by a rattlesnake, DO NOT PANIC! Most people do not die from being bitten by a rattlesnake. Try to get to a place of treatment as quickly as possible, but do not run and try to not let yourself get into a panic. Haha, just remembered one day at a Pioneer Day Potluck picnic, I brought in a bowl of 'Rattlesnake Salad' and had two sets of rattles lying in front of the bowls. To this day, people still think that it was Rattler meat, but it was really just chicken meat in a chicken salad... No one ever caught on... As for Sir Giles, after about three years I took him out into the boonies, well away from people and turned him loose. He had grown some and his terrarium had gotten a bit too small. My sons and daughter enjoyed their experience's with him... The wife? not so much, lol although she wasn't afraid to handle him... I did notice that some relatives didn't come around as often, but whether it was because of him or me, I'll never know...
  22. Velvet_paw

    DC Community Notice Board

    Thank you I couldn't resist the pillow
  23. Husky51

    Tiny Accomplishments

    Got my dishes and laundry done and going to visit a friend at the hospital today...
  24. Dirtytabs

    DC Community Notice Board

    2G heartseekers from the AP wall https://dragcave.net/teleport/d50d3e581ccee3814a2d0435e76f0f96 black truffle https://dragcave.net/teleport/e513fbc58ecbd6eec75a2c680ce30662 pillow you're welcome!
  25. Husky51


    I've got two bales of straw and getting another delivered to make a backstop in my backyard for an archery target...
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