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  2. Round 4 Regular Bingos R18. a lineaged purple Floret Bingo! - https://dragcave.net/lineage/MlF5Y R19. red Gemshard with offspring of each Gemshard color Bingo! - https://dragcave.net/progeny/WKXUE R20. cb Holiday dragon that has 10 mates in its progeny page R21. a creature with two 'I' or 'i' characters in it's code Bingo! - https://dragcave.net/view/IRIK9 R22. no breeds start with J other than Jester? a Jester dragon then! Bingo - https://dragcave.net/view/QTidy (description pending) R23. a 2g Kohraki dragon Bingo! - https://dragcave.net/lineage/7ClCi Ponderous Puzzle Bingo P1a. this dragon breed name begins with the letter "L" Bingo? - https://dragcave.net/view/Oz6DV
  3. Look closely at their tummies. All mine hatched the colours I was expecting, thank goodness.
  4. I'm offering my services as travel organizer to anyone who needs to bounce an egg to get the orange color. I have several Noble eggs who won't mind visiting with you for a short while as they're already very well travelled. You'll have to set up the back and forth trades though since I'm out of Magi.
  5. Mundus looks like it would be a perfect complement for Sapo! Wonder what Itus and male blue Firegems would look like together...
  6. ((on my lunch break at work and I squealed seeing this post!)) "Let's." Ice queen grinned and used her own powers to make snowballs, the pale shirt now soked with snow and her own dark mark glowing. "Really Frostborn? And your Mark is giving you a boost too so isn't that the same thing?" She peeked out of her wall. "I rule the icey wasteland!" She called with a laugh hucking a snowball at a member of his pack, knocking the wolf on his backside. "Oops..." Rose grinned and used her body to shovel snow into a mound around them. Her engineer skills kicking in, making it sturdy and able to defend them on the ones with the hardest thows. "Done!" She said after a few minutes shaking snow from her hair with a grin. ---- "It's alright. Ours would be a bit away from theirs so the family isn't coming up back to back. " He said softly. "I'll let her know. I don't know much about your music to really be able to make decisions on that part. " Moon stood up and put away the things. "I should go look at that brush before the sun sets. I'll be back in a moment." She said quietly and slipped out the door and seemed to melt into the forest.
  7. To find out the coloring on these guys were Spriter's alts? That just makes it awesome. And a big thanks to the spriters for releasing them to us. I also would love to thank the kind person who offered pinks in a trade for two of my reds. I gave one to a friend who was also struggling and kept the last one. As long as I end up with at least one each I'm happy. I'm still going to try and hunt for more, I didn't amass the large colony I own without patience and determination.
  8. I think anything that was traded/abandoned on the 24th might be a little screwy, cause every other orange pair that was traded after that and influenced has been orange. My own, for exmaple. On the other hand, early traded oranges have gone pink at least 4 times.
  9. You didn't watch enough Animaniacs. They had a "Good Idea, Bad Idea" part regularly in the show. This is where my thoughts are at. The sun is shining, but the wind is brisk and chilly.
  10. Oh no, I influenced my to be orange ones I thought it didnt have any effect. I will keep them to test! If they are pink Im sure I can trade for an orange one. The first one to hatch was orange! The other should be good too.
  11. Have: CB Lure egg from Jungle with code JJoyR Want: nice offers, CB preferred. I will use decline, may keept it if there is no offer I like ^^ Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!
  12. Today
  13. That is definitely strange, so it's in your action log that you received the one that hatched pink from teleport? Maybe there are a few glitches here and there...
  14. @blackmagicrose I'm so sorry it's been so stressful for you given your family's health risks. Hopefully all of you are able to get access to the vaccine quickly and easily, especially your mother. And yeah, encouraging children to come to school even when they're sick is just asking for more misery, and now that COVID is something we have to deal with, it's actively risking the lives of our students and their families. It really needs to change. Best of luck to you and your family. I work in the food service industry and my county is opening up outdoor dining this Saturday (1/30/21), which I am not looking forward to at all. I know I'm talking in circles about this but holy I am mad. The only benefit from this is that our servers can come back because I have no idea what on earth they've been doing to make ends meet this entire time, but again, providing adequate financial support is necessary when locking everyone down because then people can afford to stay home, and the government can keep money circulating to prevent economic slumps. I was hopeful when the vaccine first began rolling out, but now that hardly anyone is getting vaccinated on time and the restrictions are getting lifted, I'm fully expecting to buckle down for another nine or so months before this ends.
  15. ooh the good old breed sort color trick, i hadn't picked up enough eggs from ap to notice if they were sorting odd (and by that i mean correctly). if that continues to work that is at least better.
  16. Regular Bingos R18. a lineaged purple Floret; Bingo! R19. red Gemshard with offspring of each Gemshard color R20. cb Holiday dragon that has 10 mates in its progeny page R21. a creature with two 'I' or 'i' characters in it's code; Bingo! R22. no breeds start with J other than Jester? a Jester dragon then!; Bingo! R23. a 2g Kohraki dragon; Bingo! Ponderous Puzzle Bingo P1a. this dragon breed name begins with the letter "L" Bingo?
  17. There's an old tradition I read about where people have a day in winter where they go out and beat the trunks of apple trees to 'punish' them for not having apples or enough apples on them the autumn before. So it's not a new idea. 8,496
  18. I have two ideas about how to make this a bit easier to deal with, though I agree it's a bit frustrating - number one, you can assume that whatever egg you pick up from the AP has been somehow affected by a BSA, and instead overlay your preferred BSA onto it; you would not be able to attain a pink with this method unless the original owner didn't touch it with a BSA. However, you could indeed ensure you'd get three out of the four - orange/red/blue. Number two - if you have several lure eggs already on your scroll, you can notice how they sort. I picked up an AP egg, recognized it sorted with my incubated eggs, and precogged it to get a blue - which was the color I wanted. I picked up a separate AP egg, and it sorted with my untouched CBs, so I know it'll be pink. I know this isn't a great method, honestly, as it presupposes you already have lures, but in the case that you do, I think it works well! I hope this is somewhat helpful - it's tricky, but I think in a way it could add a fun challenge to collecting dragons!! I tend to get a bit bored if they're too easily attainable.
  19. Given the number of eggs we've gotten right as a group, I'm pretty sure we have the mechanics nailed down, there's no way we could All be that lucky. Its just the ap stuff that's being weird and I really hope its a bug, xols revert to default, dunno why these aren't. Most of these were probably abandoned before TJ messed with the coding upon earthquaked madness, and maybe that has something to do with it. Like, whatever coding was letting hatchies change was also Not wiping AP'd eggs? This is mostly just me crossing my fingers and going 'right tj? right?'
  20. I hope whatever was done before abandoning doesn't stick. I don't mind bred ones being a random color like gemshards.
  21. I traded 2 eggs and influenced them - thankfully they are orange...
  22. i am as well... im missing pinks and was hoping to get some off the AP, but i cant..
  23. As in, I literally only gained ALL of my new CB Dragons FROM TRADE----so yeah, the teleports certainly succeeded. @Tinibree I started getting the CB dragons on the 2nd day or so 'cause i was late.
  24. .... Now I'm getting worried that we got the mechanics wrong? Or just, unlike normal, with these the BSA-use sticks after abandoning?? That's.... Less than ideal. Since you have no way of knowing *what* actions were done on the egg before if you pick it up from the AP, that just makes an already-complicated mechanic even more of a pain. Wow. I'm hoping this is just a glitch?
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