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  2. AngelsSin

    Holiday Trading Thread

    Have: 2G Heartseeker from Purple Floret hatchie bloodswap 2G Heartstealer from Lacula hatchie Want: Mates needed: *****3rd EG Soulstone from Nhiostrife checker also looking for 2G’s: Arsani: Purple Floret, Aether, Script, Bolt Floral-Crown: Script, Bolt Hseeker: Aether, Script HStealer: Purple Floret, Blusang Mutamore: Purple Floret, Aether RA: Purple Floret, Aether, Rosebud: Aether, Script, Bolt Sweetling: Aether, Bolt Val’09: Aether, Script, Bolt other interesting 2G pairings
  3. HeatherMarie

    2019-02-14 Happy Valentine's Day!

    So, I'm only on day 4 right now, but right now I can't imagine actually wanting to go to the dance with Olivia? Does she do a complete turn-around or something, because right now she is just a prissy *female dog word*. I guess she's used to being in charge and whatever, but seriously the way she talks to me really isn't winning any points here.
  4. SamuelMaybird

    2019-02-14 Happy Valentine's Day!

    Asking for dragons with the colors of the flags is vastly different than asking for the dragons to be LGBT. I'd like to see dragons with flag colors they are great combos. Combos we don't see in cave
  5. Shokomon

    Watching the Market

    Sorry I missed the Sunday update, but here is an updated PDF for the Market Prices! I'm too lazy to pick out current rare prices... Anyone buy any new rares?
  6. olympe

    Sakuhana Breeding Plans

    I just created a Freckled x Sakuhana template, only to find that I've been beaten to it. Still looks gorgeous, if you ask me.
  7. Tentacles

    The Person Below Me: true or false

    Mostly true. TPBM enjoys jazz music
  8. Guillotine

    DC Community Notice Board

    https://dragcave.net/teleport/1e2cf772df18c012c2cefd3e3a6b8798 https://dragcave.net/teleport/9dd047637976a993f6502de91825c0c7 https://dragcave.net/teleport/d3a733a07d1e59102215f1710837f9c6 Two messy Heartseeker hatchlings, one 2nd gen Heartstealing from Waterhorse
  9. Tentacles

    And All Creation Wept [Open]

    Coffin flew loop-de-loops around and in the water, giggling. The water tickled. “Huh? Oh yeah, I’m here!”
  10. Dragon_Arbock

    2019-02-14 Happy Valentine's Day!

    @Arkee I was mostly reacting negatively to the person above who said "A pride month release with a bunch of different pride flag dragons would be cool", Also the more I think there'd probably be a problem with the 'gay' and 'ace' dragons only being able to be bred straight or the fact that they could be made to breed at all. It's just kind of a can of worms and we know how DC handles things (dramatically).
  11. Arkee

    2019-02-14 Happy Valentine's Day!

    Yeah, that's sad to see 😕
  12. Starbit-Plushie

    Names you can't believe you got.

    Just got 'Koopa Trooper' for this excellent coded boi: https://dragcave.net/lineage/K0opR How on earth is that not taken?!
  13. Taesse

    DC Community Notice Board

    Thanks for mate to my Royal Blue dragoness and for mate to future children of my Black Tea dragon!
  14. Tinibree

    2019-02-14 Happy Valentine's Day!

    +1 but, people reacted very negatively to the idea a couple years back when it was brought up. Nonbinary Ion is great, but I'm 90% sure that's the only queer rep we'll ever get. (especially given the number of people misgendering them)
  15. quinney

    Great Lineages Found in the AP

    Than you breeders! https://dragcave.net/lineage/NWXq5 https://dragcave.net/lineage/OA4ou https://dragcave.net/lineage/RnvsN https://dragcave.net/lineage/mV1LT
  16. Fuzzbucket

    Draconius' Eternal Bingo!

    Oh OK - Bingo ! what tabs said.
  17. HeartJacker13

    DC Community Notice Board

    3g Heartseeker x Royal Blue checker 4g Heartseeker x Black Tea checker
  18. Taesse

    DC Community Notice Board

    Thanks for Black Truffle Chocolate! ☺️
  19. roxasxaxel

    2019-02-14 Happy Valentine's Day!

    ooo i love the adults
  20. Bajka20

    A dragon trading thread V2! ~trading~

    Have 2nd gen Silver Tinsel/Arcana. https://dragcave.net/lineage/OQgiY Want: 2nd gen Valentine from Spriters Alt, 2nd gen Skywing from Spriters Alt, prize swap, offers Trade link: https://dragcave.net/teleport/64ebfd7cef0ff73a686e31c44a831a5c
  21. Husky51

    How was your last dentist visit?

    OOPs.. Forgot about when I got my dentures about 8 years ago...
  22. Stromboli

    Sakuhana Breeding Plans

    Oooh, I always love valentines bred with blue-colored dragons, and there are some Good Combos goin' on with these guys.
  23. Husky51

    Where did your ancestors come from?

    Mostly England 48% and Ireland 21%... a little from numerous other spheres...
  24. Hahaha! I was looking at a map of the area where I lived as a child from about 1954-59 and was earmarking the houses of the other kids who lived around the neighborhood... I even marked the house where some guys and gals that I knew were playing and someone came up with the idea of playing "Spin-the Bottle"... This was where I got ny first (non-family) kiss... a few of them in fact. I was12 at the time...
  25. Arkee

    2019-02-14 Happy Valentine's Day!

    But isn't exactly what people are asking in the posts above and before? That the flag colors would make a good dragon and that we're tired of pink pink pink pink even if we like the pink? I agree that shoehorning things in for marketing reasons isn't cool, but that's not what seems to be happening in this case at all. I'm not seeing "let's make LGBT+ dragons and sell our site as super inclusive, woo!". I'm just seeing a bunch of happy people 1. talking about being ace/aro/what Valentines means for them and 2. wanting a dragon that's not the mainstream Valentine colors.
  26. Ruby Eyes

    Unofficial Dragon Cave Discord Challenge

    ... and "no interest" for me ...
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