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  2. Thanks for another raffle, Feesh! I don't understand how you get so many ND successes, you must be Magic Awesome Good luck, everyone!
  3. We have anis here and I know someone named Ani! ANM
  4. Non-food can be fun! I'm hoping to pick up a pumpkin if the food stores still have decent ones next week. I'm not so good at carving but I do like to roast the seeds. (And I've just remembered the oven at this house does not work, and I am here till Nov. 2nd... ) *waves at Fortune* Hello!
  5. I donated Gift report: poke579 -> MathPi: Copper (Rainbow) Is the Giftee on that list? Yes Do they need/wish to be removed? I don't know How was the gift offered? Via PM
  6. I also believe that the point has been made repeatedly that there's a little level of decency hoped for when someone picks up someone else's "garbage", especially considering how many people massbreed their stuff to the AP thinking they do the finders a favour.
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  8. ANJ see, @Fuzzbucket, you've gotten some fun ones
  9. too early in the morning? 49,037
  10. ANI (it's a bird https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ani_(bird))
  11. I am totally confused by whats going on with the hatcheries not raising my eggs??Whats going on...what should I do? Whats the new ''icon'' mean by my info??Help,pleas!
  12. Nebula. Nebula or Neotropical?
  13. i'm at work and schools in my district are in session. it's also Indigenous Peoples Day; as well as Thanksgiving in Canada (i have a few online friends who live there). i'm sure here and my two other forum/critter sites will have halloween events. i personally have candy as well as non-food treats (spider rings, slime, plastic vampire fangs) this year 🎃 👻
  14. Tired of seeing constant off topics from same group of people in there. Oh, 3 minutes. I should get going.
  15. I HAVE: Purple dino Green dino CB aeon CB pink zyu 2nd-gen bronze tinsel from arcana (for #3 only. https://dragcave.net/lineage/q9fH7) I WANT: 1) A 3rd-gen common egg from one of these checker lineages, with nicely named ancestry if possible: male marrow/female white, male marrow/female red dorsal, male marrow/female flamingo, male marrow/female black, male stripe/female marrow, male shadowwalker/female blusang, male shadowwalker/female black, male gaia/female witch, male yellow zyu/female witch. 2) A 2nd-gen red from alt sweetling with nicely named parents. 3) Something from my sig. You can use one of these trade links, or PM me if you want to make a different arrangement: Dinos: https://dragcave.net/teleport/62b5f1775cd859afaac13eaabb47fe32 Aeon/zyu: https://dragcave.net/teleport/5dbf813cbf264685ef472dd39b853704 Tinsel: https://dragcave.net/teleport/6fc31a19c1c275698d9500ea3df6cfb7
  16. I believe that the point has been repeatedly made that if an egg is found in the AP, it is someone else's garbage. If this is indeed the case, it shouldn't really matter to them what becomes of it.
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