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> Cave Born Trading, A post for cave born trades.
Posted: Sep 1 2014, 10:53 PM
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Level 8

Group: Members
Posts: 1,416
Member No.: 16,225
Joined: 29-September 08

user posted imageuser posted image CB Blusang x2

For both
user posted image CB Green Copper (auto)
user posted imageuser posted image 3G Prize (auto, can add)
user posted imageuser posted image 2G Metals (namely PB Gold, Gold from Ribbon Dancer, Gold from Radiant Angel, Gold from male GoN, Gold from male Tri-Horn, Gold from male Day Glory, Gold from Green Neb, Gold from female Autumn, Gold from female White, Gold from male Thunder, Gold from female Teimarr, Gold from female Royal Crimson, Gold from female Lumina, Gold from female Sunsong, PB Silver, Silver from male GoN, Silver from female Tri-Horn, Silver from female Frostbite, Silver from female Blusang, Silver from female Waverunner, Silver from female Moonstone, Silver from Blue Neb, Silver from female Winter, Silver from female Royal Blue, and Silver from female Guardian)
user posted image Nice offers
For one
user posted imageuser posted image 4G Prize
user posted image Offers
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CB Blusang pair
Posted: Sep 1 2014, 11:52 PM
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Level 9

Group: Members
Posts: 1,657
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Joined: 17-August 09

user posted image CB female Ice

-CB male Ice
-CB Ice egg

Offer here~
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